Shipping to the U.K. - Customs Taxes Are a Real Drag!

Recently I conducted a shipping experiment with my friend Bilal Ali Malik.  Bilal resides in the United Kingdom, and he runs a kick ass beard oil company called Manly Beard Oil (  We will periodically share ideas, philosophies, and of...

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How To Care For Your Beard

Gentlemen frequently ask me if they should use beard oil or beard balm for their beard. The answer depends!  When you're first starting out with a beard, my opinion is that it makes sense to use a beard OIL...

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Our First Video Review Came In Today

Today Ferocious Beard Company received the hardest to obtain and most valuable information that a company tries to achieve, an impartial review of our products.  You see, when you start a company and try to make great & useful products,...

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How Do We Come Up With Our Products?

Hey guys, Nate Powell here from Ferocious Beard Company.  Some people have wondered how it is that we come up with our products for sale on  Well, I thought I'd try to answer that today with this blog post. ...

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