When there's a negative review, something IS wrong! How it's handled is what defines the company.

Hi there everybody!  Something happened today that I wanted to throw out there for you to consider when reviewing companies that you place orders with. Here's what happened. We installed a small survey onto our site last night and sent it out to customers who had placed an order with us, just to ask for a reality check of how each customer actually felt about the product they received. I was pleased to see most sent back a 10/10 review. We got back two 8/10 reviews, and one 3/10 review. OUCH! That last one definitely caught my eye!

I quickly looked into the issue and discovered that the customer had placed a Create Your Own Beard Oil order and it had shipped several weeks ago, but due to the USPS delaying their shipment, they hadn't received it. Now, I try to keep track of every order that ships out after it leaves, but this one escaped my attention.

I called (surprised) the customer this morning, introduced myself, and let him know that we were going to immediately send a replacement product (he had ordered a custom beard oil). It was the right thing to do, and he was more than pleased. In fact, he advised me that he would only purchase from Ferocious Beard Company going forward due to the great customer service we provided.

The point I'd like to make though is this. If you order a product, and it is not delivered in a timely manner, please reach out to the company that you ordered from to let them know. We're still a small company and this one escaped me. I can imagine that those companies that send out lots of packages daily might miss one or two themselves once it leaves their company into the hands of USPS. If you contact the company, I'm sure most will be more than happy to send a replacement product out to you. Give companies a chance to make it right.

Now after you get the product, if it sucks, definitely leave a negative review.  Those of us small companies that make products for you are in business because we want to do the right thing. Without you as customers, we wouldn't be in business so, at least for us, we try to always make it right, and I'm hopeful that most other companies would try too.

We appreciate you!

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