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Welcome! Save 10% TODAY with Code 'SAVE10' or Free Shipping over $25 with Code 'FREESHIPPING'!


Based on 1648 reviews
Best wash in the game

Best wash I ever tried 🔥🔥🔥


This is by far one of my favorite scents to come from any beard company. Keep up the great work Nate.

A pleasant surprise

When I bought this, I didn't know what to expect, because I've never had a blueberry-scented beard product before. I'll admit, I was worried about my decision after it arrived, because it smelled like some kind of blue raspberry candy. Luckily, that's only how it smelled in-bottle. Once I spread it out into my beard, I got a much different experience. I thought I was going to smell like a candy factory or something, but I ended up getting a lovely fruity cologne scent. I just feel fancier when I'm wearing it! Now I'm just hoping that this "Scent of the Month" thing doesn't mean that it'll stop being sold after March.

I tried....

I tried to recreate a brbc scent from 2018, Summer Comp, but both were nothing like it.... after $80 and 2 attempts now, I give up. But it’s not their fault and shipping and service was quick and good. Took a week to arrive.

Thanks Tim. I appreciate your review. I’m sorry we didn’t meet your expectations. It is very difficult to recreate an established scent with no prior reference as to what the scent actually smelled like. Also, from an ethical point of view I don’t enjoy recreating somebody else’s work (and didn’t know I was) and have my work then be judged on how close it came to another companies work. Mine should be judged on the merits of my work alone. For this reason I am refunding your $80 as I do not want to plagiarize work from another beard oil artist (Pedro is a cool dude and it’s wrong to ask somebody to recreate another company’s scent).

Awwwesome scents.

Every scent was awesome especially the blackberry tobacco. Its sooo good. The only one Im not sure about is dragon blood but thats just me. I just put the blackberry tobacco in and I love how its pure blackberry at first and as it warms up in beard the tobacco comes out like a smokey cologne. Very addicting smell. Texas peach is on point. Orange cream pop is one of the scents Ive been looking for for a while. Savage smells really really good for a date night.

Thanks so much Adam for your purchase of so many of my scents! I really appreciate the review too! That Blackberry Tobacco is really one of my favorite scents, as is Savage! You've got enough Beard Oil to last for quite some time! Thanks again!! -Nate


Love this oil scent all day keep getting a whiff of it so addictive and the butter do my beard justice 👍🏼👍🏼

Thank you Aldemir for leaving a review of Fetish! It IS addictive and it's totally on point!


So interesting story. I just bought some oil and butter for a friend of mine. I personally had a few oils and a butter, but my friend was new to beard care products, so I asked him to look at the different scents and pick one he would want to try. He picked Savage. I'm not a huge fan of cherry so it never crossed my mind to order Savage, but the order arrived quickly and I naturally wanted to see what it smelled like before delivering it to my coworker. Well the next thing I know, my wife smells it and she's getting all hot and bothered about it, telling me how much she loves it. The looks she's is giving me isn't PG rated so I won't go into detail, but needless to say, I was tempted not to give my friend his selections and just keep it for myself.

I went ahead and delivered his order today with some hesitation... but I did recount my story to him and he was anxious to go home and give it a try himself. I will have you know, though, that Savage Beard Oil and Butter will be next on my order list. My ferocious wife and I thank you.

I keep saying Savage is AMAZING! You've summed it up quite nicely! Thank you Ray for your review! I really appreciate it! When you need more, you know where to go!!


Texas peach smells great and the butter is a nice creamer consistency and feels great in my beard

Zachary - thank you so much for your review of Texas Peach! That scent is so genuinely juicy peach authentic and it's been one of the scents people keep coming back for! I truly appreciate your review!

Peach Balm


Really smelt more like a green peach. Was expecting more of a sweet peachy smell. I still use because of how it makes beard feel. Really softens and leaves hairs tangle free. Thx.

Hi Tarus, no worries...each of our scents is not for everybody and fully guaranteed or your money back. I've sent you a gift card to get something that works for you! Thanks so much for your honest review! That's how we roll at Ferocious!

Best comb

Buy two, one to hang in you shower with look in handle. Use that one to exfoliate when ever you wash and/or condition. Use the other for styling. You'll be glad you did.

Chicago #8 is my FAVORITE comb! It's excellent in the shower and out of the shower! Just after applying oil, I love to spend 5-10 minutes with ME time combing my beard! Thanks for the review Todd! Much appreciation Brother!

Love it.

Ferocious has some top quality Beard Products

Thank you Rev. Nick Hardin for your review!! I seriously appreciate your taking time out to leave a review of our products!


Love them blackberry tobacco is by far my favorite

We're glad to offer Nut-Free products. And don't forget that our Balm and Butters are nut free as well! Thank you so much for your review and I'm glad you're loving Blackberry Tobacco!

sublime smell

This was not so impressive. Not enough fragrant smell to it. My wife wasn’t impressed and I took it to work for co-workers to try out, but the guys didn’t like it and much as the pineapple slush. I think the sublime needs more coconut. I’m still gonna wear it because I paid for it!😂
Overall, I think the Ferocious team is doing a good job and I’ll be purchasing some new items soon.

Thank you Tarus for your review! I am adjusting the scent strength in the oils since we switched to Castor Oil and Sunflower Oil and removed the Grapeseed Oil. I appreciate your feedback for real, and I'm glad you're willing to give us another try!


Enjoying my oil and butter. Great concept where customer can express their creativity!

Thank you SO MUCH Rick for your business and I'm so glad to be able to offer Create Your Own! I mean, I LOVE offering this service. Thanks for leaving your review! I truly appreciate it!

Excellent product!

First time using beard product in a while as I was never satisfied before, but now I think I found my match.

From one Powell to another, I really appreciate your review Lane! Thank you for giving us a shot, and I can't wait to make more products for you! --Nate Powell

Sublime butter

The Sublime is an amazing scent that leaves my beard soft and healthy

Thanks Timothy! I love that Sublime and in the butter, it really shines! Thanks for your review and purchase!!


This is exactly the kind of peach oil i was looking for its not a candy peach scent but a fresh off the tree peach scent that i love and it feels great in my beard

All right! So glad we're able to satisfy your requirements. I don't like candy scents either...I love authentic scents and I'm glad you do too! Thanks for your review! I really appreciate it!


Used the 607 scent, oil and butter, for the first time last evening before bed. Very nice smell, 3 scent ingredients concocted well to present a subtle, smooth and distinguished cologne type scent. Would purchase again.

Thank you Rick! I will bring The 607 back periodically too! I really appreciate your review!

607, the name of the scent and how many more I wish I had.

Love the scent, long lasting and is incredible smelling. Wish I had 607 bottles of it! you REALLY wanted to, we offer a 40% discount on like items of 24+ :) Seriously though, I really appreciate your business and I'm always willing to make more if you absolutely want some. :)

Sublime beard oil

Amazingly fresh scent

Thanks Timothy! Fresh is best...and I take freshness seriously! Thank you so much for your review of Sublime!


I love the “fetish” scent!!! Feels great and smells better. Can’t wait to order more!!

Thank you David for your review of Fetish!! I'm so glad you're enjoying it. It's such a unique scent that really makes my beard feel great!

One of the best tobacco/bourbon scents I've ever tried

Despite not being a smoker or drinker, I can't get enough of the tobacco or bourbon scents in my beard products for whatever reason, and this one takes the cake. It blends all the scents perfectly in my opinion, and makes for a great all-purpose beard oil to use at any time of day.

The only thing I would change about it is the dropper. For me, the dropper doesn't even fill up halfway, but that's just a nitpick.

I highly recommend this if you're looking for a sweet, relaxing, and mature scent!

Thank you AP for your review of Havana Getaway!! I am so glad you're loving this scent! It's a customer favorite and I love making it!

Sublime scent

My first purchase from Ferocious was Savage scent beard oil, butter and balm. I loved the scent and the way it softened my beard hair. I took a chance on all 3 of the same products with the Sublime scent. What a home run! I love it. Great job guys! I’ll definitely be back for more...I’ll try another scent in the near future! So many choices....

Timothy - thank you SO MUCH for your kind words on Sublime! Don't forget you can also Create Your Own scent too! Over 5 million possible combinations!!? Holy moly!

A must have

Nate you did an amazing job. Just what i was hoping for

Thank you so much Brian! I had a blast making Barber's Retreat! It's always fun getting creative with new ideas! Thanks for the suggestion!!

Best carrier blend

My beard loves it, and I can wear cologne with it as well!!!

Yes Todd!! Naked has its perks! And you hit the nail on the head - you can treat your beard well AND use whatever cologne scent you want with it! Thanks for the review!!