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Welcome to Ferocious Body Care | Est. 2017 | Veteran Owned & Operated in Fort Worth TX
Welcome to Ferocious Body Care
Est. 2017 | Veteran Operated in Fort Worth TX


Based on 1921 reviews
Bear Paw

Bear Paw Oil & Butter were “OUTSTANDING “. Dave☮️

Nate & I made magic

I maybe a little bias considering it's my scent, but it is an absolute banger. Straight fire. It's chai inspired with a splash of lemongrass. I can't get enough of this scent. Planning on purchasing my 3rd bottle of the oil soon. Ferocious butter is most certainly a must get as well.

Great Stuff

Never had my beard so soft. Easy to put on and brush.

Leave In Conditioner

The leave in conditioner is very good and leaves my mustache very soft. As it is applied at bed, the scent is a bit strong, but otherwise, I would recommend.

Butter is what I got, I said remember that

Do you practice Santeria? No worries!
No crystal ball? Unnecessary!
Did you spend every cent of your million dollars? Join the club?

You don't need any of those things to enjoy this butter, even if your fish has gone bad. It has a super pleasant scent, it smells just like a lotion my wife used to buy all the time, so it's definitely approved by her. Most importantly the feel in beard is wonderful: I put it in before bed and I can almost immediately feel the softness and when I wake up in the morning (before I strap shoes on my feet), my beard feels soft and nourished!

Love the products

I appreciate small businesses that take great care of their customers and put care into every product. Will definitely order again

Awesome. Magic Mist Chapter II

This is great and is going to replace my oily butters.

Good Stuff!!

This is my second order of leave in Conditioner and it works great. My beard is softer and looks healthy. This is Good Stuff!

Great scent

This is a great scent combination. I was expecting a little thicker of an oil viscosity though from my experience with other oils. Maybe this is something you can request while ordering.

Ferocious Bundle Deals
joseph a pacheco
Product review

Excellent product I love the lone wolf scent where it daily

Best beard oil ever!

My husband loves your beard oils and has a different one for every day of the week!!

Solid oil

This is a nice lite oil. Scent's not as strong as I thought it would be. Could actually be a little stronger, to be honest, but it's not necessarily needed. Perfect for Christmas time!

A Great Night Scent

I first bought this scent cause I love blackberries, but that not the scent that dominates. There is a grape scent and dark pipe scent that really pull through which definitely makes this scent smell like the color purple. At first, I was not a fan cause I wanted a rich blackberry, but I have grown to enjoy the scent with a black cup of coffee that seems to enhance the dark scent. It is a great night out /date night Scent, but I wouldn’t call it an everyday wear. That is the only reason for the four stars instead of five. The oil is great and is on the medium viscosity level. I get 6-8 hours of scent duration.

Santa's Satchel


It's A T-Shirt

Got this order in quickly and was very satisfied! The quality of the shirt is superb. The material is heavy duty and the ink is top quality. I can see myself wearing this until it's completely worn out! Highly recommend!

Autumn Night - Fall Collection
Pup Maxxx Dennis
I've been wearing this daily

I really love it's understated woody, fire smoky quality. It pairs nicely with other colognes and holds it own. It's warm, it's for cool weather and it's very classy. Give it a try.

Nut-Free Beard Oils
Darrell Brown
Great Product for Your Beard

I was in search of a quality beard oil that was also nut free. I have been pleased so far and, as advertised, it is perfect for those who want to take care of their beard without worrying about nut allergies. I will buy again.

1 oz Oil Four Pack - Fall Collection
Jason Zimmerman
The Great Fall

These fall scents are amazing. I am completely satisfied, as always. Just like everything else I have ordered, no way I could pick a favorite.

Pine and Peppermint Balm

I’m really this product, it compliments the White Lightning Beard oil!

Autumn Night - Fall Collection
Kevin Lambright
Autumn night oil and butter

The oil is just the right consistency for my beard. The butter is smooth and not too heavy. The smell is great

Oh My gosh what a great product

Never used a brush before but this thing is great

Ferocious Bundle Deals
Layne Davison
Awesome Products

I order the Oil, Butter and leave in Conditioner (Barber Shop) and they are OUTSTANDING !! Nate has create customer service! I just can’t say enough about Ferocious Beard, great company.

Smells amazing

This stuff smells so good on my hubbys beard. Will order for him again for sure.