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Beard Conditioner
Tim O'Toole
Orange cream pop conditioner

So I ordered this a few weeks ago, and Nate sent me an unscented one, by mistake. He quickly realized that he sent me the wrong one, and corrected. Have to say, definitely worth the wait! This conditioner smells absolutely wonderful! It's a smooth, dreamsicle scent. It's not overwhelming or overpowering. I use it for shaving, and I get zero irritation from it (no itch, no cuts, no redness). This conditioner gave me one of the best shaving experience of my life. Thanks, Nate! You're the best!

Tim, I'm so glad you are liking the Beard Conditioner. And you got to try unscented and Orange Cream Pop. I like them both, but the scent really adds something to the experience. Great idea to use it for shaving! It's multi-purpose for sure!

Historic Oils
Blackberry Tobacco

Great scent of blackberry at the front and tobacco on the back end. Amazing feel in beard. Loving it.

Thanks Phillip. So glad you are enjoying Blackberry Tobacco!

Great collaboration!!

I love Bear Paw.
This Beard oil scent is AMAZING!!
Lady Ellie Orchard picked out the ingredients for this AMAZING scent.and Nate did an excellent job of blending them to get one of the best scents I have ever had in my beard.
Nate gave this scent an A, but I'm giving him and Ellie a solid A+++++++.
Get this scent! You will love it!!!

Michael - thanks for reviewing Bear Paw! It's a great one for sure. Ellie had some great ideas with that one, and I'm so glad I was able to make it on Collaboration Corner. It's such a natural smelling scent!

Ode the Oud!!

This has become my favorite scent!! The Oud, peppermint & cedarwood hit first. And the butter feels amazing at night! Think I’ll be ordering another oil cause I’m gonna run out of this one! Awesome collab gentlemen!!!

Sam, that Swageliscious has definitely become a really top-selling scent lately. I love the range of fragrances in it, and it blends so well! Thanks for your review! I really appreciate it.

Always great

I have never been disappointed with anything I have ordered. This company has opened my eyes to many great scents for Beard Oil. I will continue to support them.

Thank you so much Jason for your amazing review! I really appreciate the time you took to write your review.


As the beardo responsible for the creation of scent profile and name of each of these 33, and many many more scents ,l am predictably biased. That being said , the majority of these create your owns, concocted by Nate Powell ( owner of FEROCIOUS ) are on par with what is offered by FEROCIOUS and all beard care companies. These choices are the evidence that it does not take days and weeks of research, trial and error, promotion, build-up, and hype, to offer unique high quality product in name and ingredients! It's my desire for these collection of scents to no longer be under the radar and become spread throughout the bearded community.

Rick - thank you for your continued business and for taking the time to write this review! I really appreciate you. And you're absolutely correct - I bypass the hype and just get right to the goods! It's all about the customer for me.

Magic Mist
Zachary Dietz
Fabulous product

Ever since Nate showed us magic mist in his company I always have to grab one. It is honestly my favorite. Really makes your beard feeling soft and moist. I would and will recommend magic mist to anyone growing and continue to grow a beard. Not greasy. And product last a good amount of time. All Nates products are simply the best I have ever used. Will always keep coming back to get more products from him.

Zachary, I can't thank you enough for reviewing Magic Mist, and the kind words about Ferocious Beard Company. I really appreciate your business and so glad I'm making things that work so well for you!

Wild West

I enjoy wearing Wild West. Love that smokey scent. No problems with it. Thanks, Johnny.

Johnny, thanks so much for reviewing Wild West! I'm so glad you're enjoying the scent and product!

Fresh and not too overpowering!

I love fruity scents, and was delighted by how mellow the lime scent is. This is the kind of scent you could use everyday to feel clean and fresh. Compared to the Orange Pop, this scent is more light and less sweet, with just the right amount of lime, so I think I like this one more!

Thanks David for your review of Sublime! It's such a fresh scent and recently we boosted the lime when we added Castor Oil to the main carrier line to let it pop just a bit more than it used to.

Nice to have as a break from stronger scents!

I like having some of this around since always going with strong scents every day can get a little old. Sometimes you just want the product to get the job done and soften your beard. It's not completely odorless since the ingredients do have a slight smell on their own, but it's certainly not that strong or unpleasant.

David - thanks for reviewing Naked. It's a great getaway from other scents, and you can use your favorite cologne scents too with this if you want to. Thanks for your business!

Very fruity and fresh!

This is a great scent to start with! It's mellow and sweet. If you don't like fruity scents though, you may not like this one since I think it is a little strong compared to the Sublime, but it's not too overpowering!

Oh yes...Orange Cream Pop is a staple at Ferocious Beard Company, and I'm glad you're enjoying this scent.

The smell grew on me over time!

This was my least favorite out of all the scents I've ordered so far, but it's still not a bad product at all! I would describe it as a similar scent to walking into an Asian import store with an intense, strong, aromatic profile that reminds me a lot of incense? At first it was a little much for me, but I grew to really like it! I don't plan to order more of this particular scent since I like others more, but I'm really glad that I tried it and broadened my scent horizons!

Thanks for your review of Dragon Blood. It does have a unique scent. I also have a fragrance oil called Nag Champa that makes an excellent custom scent base (or straight up Nag Champa).

This scent is THE BOMB

I wasn't sure about this scent at first since I'm not much of an alcohol guy? Also, I wasn't sure how the oud would smell, so this scent was a first for me on two fronts. That being said, this scent was a complete home run-- it was also my brother's favorite scent out of the ones we ordered!

The blueberry gives this a nice sweet touch, while the bourbon and oud give a cool finish that makes me feel like I'm getting ready to walk on stage for a bond flick. 607=007? Definitely recommended, this is my favorite scent from the site so far besides maybe the Sweet Surrender that I got in my first order!

Hi David - thanks for reviewing The 607! I love that scent and it's a collab scent by William from 607 Beard Care. I appreciate the time you took to write your review!

A fantastic investment! Your beard will thank you.

I love this bundle, it's a great way to stock up on scents!! I actually had more, but I've either gone through them already (they do last a really long time!), or in one case, I did break the plastic cap on one while I was traveling to New York. That was mostly my own fault, but it goes to show that I love this product so much that I want to bring it with me everywhere. Because of that, I would love a travel size versions made of shock resistant plastic or something! Either way, you'll be happy you invested in these. Trust me.

David, thank you for taking the time to write your review! I'm so glad to hear Ferocious Beard products are working so well for you. Sorry you lost one in action while traveling to NY!

So great I bought it twice!

If you're unsure about all the other products on offer on the site, this is the best way to go about trying them!! Last time I ordered the brush and butter (for applying before night to help soften my beard) and this time I'm ordering one with the comb and the balm so I can try those too. I had issues with my beard being too scratchy to want to grow it out but now I have a full, beautiful beard! It's all thanks to this stuff here man. Caring for your beard, with the right products, can really make the difference.

The butter softens the beard at night, and now that its long enough I look forward to styling it with the balm! I ended up running out of the beard shampoo pretty quick because my brother loved to use it too, so I'm excited for more. Plus, I look forward to applying all the fun oil/butter/balm scents I've ordered since! They feels great to apply, smells great, and make me fall in love with my own beard, accepting it the way it is. These products do wonders for my self esteem, and whenever I get asked why I smell so good, I always direct them to Ferocious Beard. It feels nice to support this small business so they can focus on it as their primary source of income too. I'll be a buyer for life for sure!

David, I'm so glad you took the time to write this review. I'm happy to hear that my products are helping you to grow your best beard, and that it's helping with your self-esteem! Thank you for your business!

Wild West and peach wood comb.

Pleased with the Wild West beard oil, butter and peach wood comb. Thank you for the free brush and koozie. Love the scent. No problems. Again, thank you. Johnny.

Johnny, thanks for your review! I'm glad you're enjoying my Ferocious products! And you're welcome.

Sublime Beard Oil
Geoffrey Dukes
Sublime scent!!!!

I'm a huge fan of this subtle scent. Makes wearing it in the plant so much nicer than other stronger smelling brands.

Geoffrey - I appreciate the time you took to make your review! Sublime is my favorite scent for daily use!

Magic Mist
Nano Ocasio

I loved it, it was awesome.

Thank you Nano! I'm so glad you enjoyed Magic Mist!

Historic Oils
David Jones
Texas peach

I got this and I immediately opened it and smelled it. Let me tell you I went washed my beard and put it in beard this scent is amazing. The carrier blend is really good. If you don't have this one don't waste another minute get it. This is a very underrated scent

Thank you David for leaving a review of Texas Peach! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! This is definitely an underrated scent!

All Natural Growth Stimulator

I’m currently on my second bottle of the All Natural Hair Growth Stimulator. Nice and thick from the bottle and really helps fill in those spots that maybe don’t grow as fast or as thick as others. Highly recommend.

Hi Mike, Thanks for leaving a review of the Growth Stimulator! I love the strong peppermint and thickness of the oil on this product!

Fantastic products

Ferocious beard oil is and fantastic.
I love everything I buy at ferocious beard.
I'm never disappointed with my purchase of beard products from Nate.The customer service is amazing and you always receive your order quickly.
Amazing company!!!

Thank you so much Michael for your review! I truly appreciate your business and your trust!

Bearded American

Another great product from a great company! Keep doing what your doing!

Hey Brian - thanks so much for leaving a review of Bearded American! This is a new scent and I love it!

Ferocious Beard Co.

Oils and butters are awesome work good in beard keeps my beard nourished and healthy. The owner is a great guy very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend this company

Thanks Jason for reviewing Naked unscented butter! I really appreciate the time you took to post it here! Thanks for your business!

Sublime Beard Oil

SUBLIME is a simple, clean citrus scent suitable for every day use. It can be combined with other non-complex scents if one wants to experiment.

Thank you Rick for taking the time to review Sublime! Simple but one of my favorite scents!


What an amazing scent. If you don’t like it then🖕🖕. Bring out your inner MASSHOLE with this great scent.

HA! Thanks Kyle for your review of MASSHOLE! I appreciate it!