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Welcome to Ferocious Beard Company | Est. 2017 | Veteran Owned & Operated in Fort Worth TX
🎃 Our Fall Scents Are 10% Off 👻
Welcome to Ferocious Beard Company
Est. 2017 | Veteran Operated in Fort Worth TX
🎃 Our Fall Scents Are 10% Off👻


Based on 1935 reviews
Ferocious Bundle Deals
Timothy Dixon
Good bundle

The bundle is good, good smell.

Best beard product company

I was a brand ambassador for a different company until I won a ferocious beard products package at a beard competition! Since then I’ve noticed a difference in growth I don’t have beard itch anymore and a softer beard plus since I started using ferocious beard products I’ve noticed less beard hair shedding a good oil,balm,butters are key to growing a healthy beard plus also using a boar hair brush!!!!

Thanks William for your review! I really appreciate the time you took to leave a review! The Boar Bristle Brush makes a huge difference distributing the oil and massaging the beard hair and skin!


Love the peppermint scent and the oil is fantastic love the thickness of the castor oil and can really see results after weeks of usage great product and owner, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Thanks Thelonious for reviewing the Beard Growth Stimulator from Ferocious Beard Company! I'm so glad to hear it's working as designed for you! Thanks for your business.

Town Talk
Rick Harris

A strong masculine scent profile speaks loud and clear, to capture the essence of this selection of The SageBeard Collection. TOWN TALK refers to the famous Pittsburgh manufacturer of bread products. A part of all older yinzers upbringing! You too could be the talk of the town with the always great Ferocious feel in beard!!

Thanks Rick for your review of Town Talk! You made a great scent there, and I'm proud to make it here at Ferocious Beard Company!

It's Naked

I wanted something really unscented and this really is unscented. All of the other butters I have used had the consistency of a creme leaving you beard looking wet. Naked is more solid with similar hold and styling ability, and is great if you are going out and do not want a wet beard. It's Ferocious! 🤘🏻 Thank you Rick H. for suggesting I try it!

Thank you Edward for trying our Naked Beard Butter! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

Amazing product!

This is one of the best scents I’ve ever tried. The profile is spot on. Reminds me of summers as a kid, eating Push-ups (orange sherbet). I’ll definitely be ordering more when this runs out.


The scent is amazing, and the coverage is excellent! A little goes a long way. I’ll definitely be purchasing this one again (along with a few others).

2022 - Collaboration Corner
Curiosity killed the cat...

... and satisfaction brought it back!

I had no idea what to expect, but I like all these scents on their own or in other beard products, so I decided to give it a shot. The floral/woodsy notes of the pine & patchouli compliment the refreshing sweet orange and black pepper very well, and the leather note behind all that makes this quite the interesting cologne scent to me. Now I just need to go out more so I can have more excuses to use this oil.

Santa's Night Out - Collaboration Corner
Santa's Night Out Beard Oil

Santa's Night Out is a different take on the classic Christmas peppermint/pine style scent. The amber and oud soften it quite a bit, so it's not so in your face, as some Christmas scents can be. The Ferocious Feel is always great, and criminally underrated. To top it off, owner Nate is a class act, who always goes above and beyond.

Thanks Phillip for your review of Santa's Night Out! I love this scent year-round actually and I'm glad you're enjoying it!

very happy

we love your oil and will always be buying it form u

Thank you so much Sue for your 5 star review and positive comments! We truly appreciate it and can't wait to send more oil to you!

Tim O'Toole
What a Jagoff

So I've been using the butter and oil combo and love it. This combo is spicy, smoky and just a little sweet. It works really well! Very outdoorsy and masculine and rustic. The black pepper really suits this mix. It brings a nice earthiness and spice. The smoke is not overwhelming and actually doesn't build with a smoky wax in the stache. It just tastes on what you combine with it.

Thanks Tim for reviewing Jagoff! I really enjoy this scent too, and am glad that you're enjoying it! I appreciate the time you took to write your review!

Awesome beard wash

The beard wash is thin and a little goes a long ways. It suds up a ton. Does a great job on cleaning my beard

Thank you Dagan for reviewing our Ferocious Beard Wash! I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying it!!

My wife's beard has never smelled better!

My beard might as well be her beard, because she sees, touches, and smells it more than I do. "Oooh you smell like candy! I want to eat your face! I love it!" -wife. Scent is not at all overpowering, which is what I was looking for. It's a sweet pineapple vanilla up front when you first load up, and ends the day with warm vanilla and oud. No more wondering where that cheap cologne smell was coming from all stinkin day, like so many other brands. My favorite part - my beard dandruff is damn near down to zero! Bravo, Team FBC. Bravo.

Hey that's really awesome that your wife is enjoying the smell of your (her!) beard!! :) Thanks for leaving your review!

Create your own awesomeness

The ability to create your own scent is awesome. Using my wife’s abilities I was able to out together a beard oil that smells incredible and I will continue to order again and again. If you’re on the fence, give it a shot.

James, thank you SO MUCH for creating your own scent, and another thanks for leaving a review!! I appreciate it!!

Daily Beard Wash
The title is ok but I think bc of how great the wash is, it should have a more bad ass name

The way this soap lathers up... Unreal! You can actually feel it penetrate the hair and reach the skin below. The bubbles even tingle. After my rinse and dry, my beard smelled and felt fantastic. I really dig it

That's a GREAT idea! I'll think about a bad ass name for our Wash! Thanks for your 5 star review Alvin!

Do you remember what a barbershop smelled like??

The Barbershop beard oil and balm has that great smell

Done it Again!

Well I ordered Again! And guess what, my products were Awesome Again!! Order the 4 oil Grand Slam. You just can’t go wrong with Ferocious!

Thank you very much Layne! I really appreciate your support and for leaving a review!

Barbershop Beard Balm - Scent of Classic Barbershop & Talcum Powder

Great smell decent hold and will definitely try other scents when I'm ready

Thank you Scott for your review! I really appreciate your business AND your support!

Bear Paw - Collaboration Corner
David McCall
Bear Paw

Bear Paw Oil & Butter were “OUTSTANDING “. Dave☮️

Bear Paw - Collaboration Corner
Ellie Orchid
Nate & I made magic

I maybe a little bias considering it's my scent, but it is an absolute banger. Straight fire. It's chai inspired with a splash of lemongrass. I can't get enough of this scent. Planning on purchasing my 3rd bottle of the oil soon. Ferocious butter is most certainly a must get as well.

Thank you Ellie for your review! I've fallen in love with Bear Paw lately!

Great Stuff

Never had my beard so soft. Easy to put on and brush.

Leave In Conditioner

The leave in conditioner is very good and leaves my mustache very soft. As it is applied at bed, the scent is a bit strong, but otherwise, I would recommend.

Butter is what I got, I said remember that

Do you practice Santeria? No worries!
No crystal ball? Unnecessary!
Did you spend every cent of your million dollars? Join the club?

You don't need any of those things to enjoy this butter, even if your fish has gone bad. It has a super pleasant scent, it smells just like a lotion my wife used to buy all the time, so it's definitely approved by her. Most importantly the feel in beard is wonderful: I put it in before bed and I can almost immediately feel the softness and when I wake up in the morning (before I strap shoes on my feet), my beard feels soft and nourished!

Love the products

I appreciate small businesses that take great care of their customers and put care into every product. Will definitely order again