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Welcome! Save 10% TODAY with Code 'SAVE10' or Free Shipping over $35 with Code 'FREESHIPPING'!


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Beard Wash Formula
Roland Isnor
A quality product from Ferocious Beard

I started using the Ferocious beard wash about a month ago and am totally sold on this product. It lathers instantly and thoroughly cleans my full-face beard to squeaky-clean. I highly recommend this product and will, most certainly, continue using it myself.

Orange cream pop

Well this one will make you think of chasing the ice cream truck through the neighborhood when you were a kid. It's well yummy for lack of better words. Who don't love that certain orange/vanilla ice cream pop. Great summertime scent. "Caution this will make you go to the ice cream section of the store".

Sublime Beard Oil
Ryan Maitland

This is my absolute favorite summertime scent! The lime and coconut 🥥 are so refreshing and will keep a smile on your face and pep in your step. This is a must have! Nate knocked it out the park with this one.

Havana Getaway

Well i was looking for that perfect Cuban tobacco scent and found it with this one! The tobacco, bourbon & sandlewood create a pressure for your noise! If you love the smell of cigars this is a must have. 👌 it's the only way you can have that cigar and bourbon at work to keep you going through the day staying positive . This scent last me a 8 hour shift at work!!👊

Savage Beard Oil
Ryan Maitland

Savage is one of those scents that will make you feel confident and make your girl pull you in close. The cherry tobacco and leather blend perfectly. This scent last and last in my beard. I will always keep this on hand from now on . Just get it you won't regret it .My wife I repeat LOVE'S this scent.

Ferocious Starter Pack
Timothy Dixon
Very good.

Realy like the starter pack. Including the scent.

Gift Cards
Five star 🌟

Well it's a total experience with Ferocious. You get the best customer service & best products at a great price. When you find a company that truly care like Nate and Barb you better stick with them. If you want your beard to be healthy, smelling good and looking good get Ferocious. Thanks for all yall do and answering any questions I have had. The gift cards are great as well.

Dragon Blood Beard Oil
Michael Johnson
Spectacular selection of scents.

If you are looking for a scent that doesn’t make you smell like a lumber jack, or maybe you do..guess what, you are in the right place! My wife asks me what is my favorite one? I can honestly say I don’t have just one.. I have a few favorites from FB. Great product, keeps the beard in check and not to oily. If you are here for the first time give this oil a try. You won’t regret it!

Beard Wash Formula

Beard wash lathers up nicely with quarter size amount for my long gray/white beard.

Nate is a super good dude!

Worked with me to create the exact scent I was looking for. Very pleasant experience! Thanks Nate!!

Great product & customer service

Needed a nut free option for visiting family, and Ferocious didn't disappoint. My wife and I are enjoying the Plunder & Fetish sents, will try others in the future.

Thanks James! I really appreciate your business and will continue to offer Nut-Free options well into the future!

Name of my Create your own is "PEACE AT LAST"

I chose this name because usually a woodsy scented beard oil drives me nuts, especially after is dries. My beard ends up smelling like a carpenter / woodshop.
With this scent yes you do get a slight woodsy smell, but with the sage, pine needle and bergamont mixture you don't get that dry wood smell at the end of the day. Thank you again Nate your product is amazing. I would definitely reorder this scent.

HI Eli, thank you so much for your Create Your Own Beard Oil order! I really enjoy making custom scents and am so happy you're enjoying Peace At Last! I look forward to continuing to make product for you!

Savage Beard Butter
David Mudge
Man, I can’t stop buying Ferocious!!!!

Ferocious out here killin it man!!!!! Love this stuff and smells great

Thank you so much David for your orders!! I really appreciate you! Our Collaboration Corner scents are really interesting and I'd recommend you look there for some additional inspiration!

Blackberry Tobacco Beard Oil
Mike B
Great scent. Great company.

Blackberry Tobacco is a great scent and Nate is a great communicator. If I'm being 100 percent honest I was hoping for a bit more Tobacco but the feel in beard is great. Nates personality and the performance outweighs the lack of Tobacco for me. Great stuff!!

Hi MIke! Thank you so much for your order! Excellent feedback! Thanks for the compliments! I really appreciate it!

Sublime Beard Oil
Aldemir Lugo

This oil is subtle nice combination of sublime n coconut either one pull the scent over the other, really like it light n fresh I recommend it 👍🏼

My #1 favorite scent for daily wear! Sublime would have to be it! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

Barbershop Beard Oil
Bearded Eurich
Must have!

Completely awesome product! Top notch carrier blend. Amazing feel in beard. One of my favorite barbershop scent profiles. Must have!

Thank you so much for the review on Barbershop! I truly appreciate it Brother!

Blackberry Tobacco Beard Butter
Mike B
Blackberry Tobacco

Blackberry tobacco is a fantastic scent. Feel in beard is great and the customer service is top notch. Thank you for a great product.

Mike B - thanks SO MUCH for your order AND your review! Blackberry Tobacco is definitely a great scent! Although it's no longer on the active menu, you can continue to order it by reaching out to me, ordering a NAKED oil, and putting a comment in the notes to make it Blackberry Tobacco. I'll be happy to do so!

Beard Wash Formula
Baxton McIntyre
Great Beard Wash

Really love the beard wash from Ferocious Beard. It lathers really well and has a great but not over powering scent.

Thank you so much Baxton for your review of our Ferocious Beard Wash! I love how it suds up!! It's my favorite thing to do in the shower is use that Beard Wash!!

Sublime Beard Oil
Tarus ussery
Sublime oil

Great mild scent and last a full day. Will be purchasing this again. Thx Ferocious Team!

YES! Thank you SO MUCH Tarus for your review of Sublime! I really appreciate it!! Can't wait to get you more product! I appreciate your business!

So glad I found this product!

Big Box store oils were really messing with my skin. Switching to Ferocious has really been a wonderful change. No skin irritation, no more beard dandruff. I chose Forester which is a really nice aroma for my oil and Oats and Lager for the beard wash which I really love the smell of.

The wax is more solid than what I have used before and I am still adjusting to figuring out the best practice for use and application. Overall great products!

Joshua - first, thank YOU for trusting Ferocious! I'm so glad you found us! Also, thank you for the review! I love hearing when products I make actually make a difference! This is why I make them of course, but many people just comment on the scent. To hear how it's actually improving your beard makes my heart warm! Thank you!

Naked Beard Balm
Derrick Walker
Smooth and clean

Perfect cream when you want your beard soft and clean. Fresh and smooth and clean smell. Good to put on for work.. well i have to go into the office.

Thanks Derrick for leaving a review on our Naked Beard Balm! It's perfect for pure wholesome beard nourishment and some mild to medium hold!

Different but good

At first it was a very different type of scent but once it was in beard it smelled pretty good. Description of the scent it pretty spot on.

Thanks Adam for leaving a review for Fetish! This scent is very unique and I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Barbershop Beard Butter
Bearded Eurich

Ferocious Barbershop. Scent is amazing and butter is top notch. Very nourishing and scent lasts all day.

Thanks Brother Eurich for leaving a review of Barbershop! I love that scent!

Sublime Beard Butter
Aldemir Lugo

It’s a subtle scent fresh scent can wear it day and night and feel in beard is great by the end of the day my beard still feel soft I really like👍🏼

I LOVE me some Sublime!! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Thanks for your business AND for leaving a review!

Dangerous Mango Beard Oil
Tarus ussery
Beard care package

Enjoying the beard kit. Got a few different fragrance and even let my co-workers sample some. They liked it and said the would order them some to. Thanks Ferocious Company!

Thanks Tarus! I'm so glad you got the chance to let others sample some of the products! I appreciate your taking the time to leave a review!

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