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Welcome to Ferocious Beard Company | Est. 2017 | Veteran Owned & Operated in Fort Worth TX
Welcome to Ferocious Beard Company
Est. 2017 | Veteran Operated in Fort Worth TX


Based on 1968 reviews
Daily Beard Wash
Michael Kronk
Naked Beard Shampoo is excellent

Just a tiny amount gives my beard a full lather, and Rinses out completely with ease. It also keeps my skin soft and clean. A great product.

Now, if I could just get some matching conditioner, which always seems to be sold out!!

Michael, thanks so much for your review! We may be bringing back the Conditioner! Stay tuned!

Satisfied Santa

I have a white beard and mustache other products I tried in the past stained my white. I also appreciate the customer service and personal touch. Thank you!

Beard Yayyyy

Great customer care, great product and smells amazing! Certainly will be purchasing more and patchy beard has started to fill in.

Thx Nate and the Ferocious Team!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽


Love the scent. Next I’m gonna try the oils.

Great product, even better scent. I highly recommend this brand, and look forward to buying again .

Excellent butter! Scent profile is spot on. Fast shipping. 100% satisfaction.

good oil for white beard

Good quality oils and zero to extremely min yellow color seen in the oils when held to light. Seems to stay well with beard hair.

Thank you Titus for your review of the White Lightning line of our Ferocious Beard Oil! I appreciate the time you took to write this, and that it's working for you as designed!

The best wash

This beard wash really lathers great. It makes the beard soft along with the beard oil.

That Old Time barbershop scent

This scent will take you right back to those old time barbershops of yesterday. The shops that are few and far between anymore. It feels great in beard and the scent is just the right amount without being overpowering.

Hitchcock - Fall Collection
Layne Davison
Great Stuff!! From a Great Company!!

As always the beard oil is consistently good. And the Hitchcock scent is spot on!!!! After a year of Ferocious products!!! First week (a year ago) and then last week.

Thanks Layne for your review and your continued support of Ferocious Beard Company. Your beard is looking amazing!

great idea

It make ordering easier and you get the discounts as well.

Thanks Dennis for your review of the Ferocious Beard Club! We’re glad you’re a member and look forward to continuing to serve your beard needs!

Leave In Conditioner & Instant Moisturizer for Beard & Hair - Unisex?

Your product is excellent. My beard is almost completely gray/white and the oils and moisturizers I was using before turned my beard to yellowish color. It made my beard look dirty. But the Leave In Conditioner & Instant Moisturizer for Beard & Hair is just right. As an Black man, its hard to find a good moisturizer & oil that keeps my beard soft. Thank You and I will continue to purchase items in the future.

Hi James, thanks so much for your positive review of our Leave In Conditioner & Instant Moisturizer! I really appreciate the context you provided too. We sincerely appreciate your business and support!

The best thing about this White Lightning beard oil is that it doesn’t stain or tint my beard!


Just received the Seducer in the mail today and it blew me away. Just put it in beard after my shower and wow!! Great,Great scent and is feeling awesome in my beard. This is a keeper. Oh,and by the way,this is my first experience with Ferocious beard company. Keep up the good work.

Bryan - thanks so much for reviewing The Seducer! You have the honor of being the first to review this scent, and I really appreciate your kind words!

Big Ben
David B.
My favorite butter scent yet!

I've tried a couple different scents of beard butter from Ferocious but this one is absolutely amazing, and by far my favorite. It has a complex yet sweet smell because of the orange clove and cherry tobacco. Refreshing yet sophisticated, I look forward to applying this before bed every night!

Thanks David for your review of Big Ben Butter! The SageBeard collection is full of complex scents that are unique and smell amazing! I appreciate the time you took to write this!

A little bit goes a long way.

Bristles work well. Get my beard nice and full

Ferocious Bundle Deals
Timothy Dixon
Good bundle

The bundle is good, good smell.

Like what I ordered

Best beard product company

I was a brand ambassador for a different company until I won a ferocious beard products package at a beard competition! Since then I’ve noticed a difference in growth I don’t have beard itch anymore and a softer beard plus since I started using ferocious beard products I’ve noticed less beard hair shedding a good oil,balm,butters are key to growing a healthy beard plus also using a boar hair brush!!!!

Thanks William for your review! I really appreciate the time you took to leave a review! The Boar Bristle Brush makes a huge difference distributing the oil and massaging the beard hair and skin!


Love the peppermint scent and the oil is fantastic love the thickness of the castor oil and can really see results after weeks of usage great product and owner, HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Thanks Thelonious for reviewing the Beard Growth Stimulator from Ferocious Beard Company! I'm so glad to hear it's working as designed for you! Thanks for your business.

Town Talk
Rick Harris

A strong masculine scent profile speaks loud and clear, to capture the essence of this selection of The SageBeard Collection. TOWN TALK refers to the famous Pittsburgh manufacturer of bread products. A part of all older yinzers upbringing! You too could be the talk of the town with the always great Ferocious feel in beard!!

Thanks Rick for your review of Town Talk! You made a great scent there, and I'm proud to make it here at Ferocious Beard Company!

It's Naked

I wanted something really unscented and this really is unscented. All of the other butters I have used had the consistency of a creme leaving you beard looking wet. Naked is more solid with similar hold and styling ability, and is great if you are going out and do not want a wet beard. It's Ferocious! 🤘🏻 Thank you Rick H. for suggesting I try it!

Thank you Edward for trying our Naked Beard Butter! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!

Second bottle and would buy again and again just a dime size get the job done and one of the best scents