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Ferocious Bundle Deals

Ferocious Bundle Deals

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Ferocious Bundle Deals

Ferocious makes it simple to get ALL you need for your beard with our Ferocious Bundle Deals.  Simply select your scent and select your bundle - Standard, Bronze, Silver or Gold, it's up to you. We'll take it from there and get your order shipped out right away.

Scent Profiles:

Barbershop: Clean Fresh Talcum Powder

Clean Citrus: Fresh Herbal Citrus Blend

Havana Getaway: Warm Tobacco, Rich Bourbon

Dragon Blood: Mystical, Earthy, Fruity

Fetish: Smoke, Clove, Leather, Embers

Lone Wolf: Spicy, Clean, Cologne

Naked: Unscented

Orange Cream Pop: Fresh Orange, Smooth Vanilla

Pineapple & Sweet Oud:- Pineapple & Sweet Oud Wood

Purple Haze: Fresh Blackberry, Rich Tobacco

Pineapple & Sweet Oud: Pineapple & Sweet Oud Wood

Savage: Deep Cherry, Warm Leather

Sublime: Fresh Lime, Verbena, Coconut

Beard Oil is designed to soften your beard and condition the skin under your beard.

Beard Butter is designed to deeply condition your beard. It is typically used either overnight while sleeping OR during the day. It does provide a mild hold too although it does not contain beeswax.

Leave In Conditioner & Instant Moisturizer is designed to immediately condition your beard and add instant moisture. It is NOT oil based (it's Aloe Vera Juice based) and is not greasy at all. It makes an excellent mid-day spruce after working out or being in the pool or beach, and can be used as a replacement for beard butter overnight if you prefer a non-greasy product.

Beard Wash is a gentle liquid castile soap based beard shampoo designed to go in easily without friction, suds up quickly and rinse out just as quickly, leaving your beard feeling clean, but not dry. It's thin by design, and our 4 oz bottle will last longer than many companies 8 oz bottles. Our Bundle Deals contain unscented (Naked) Beard Wash so as to not conflict with the Bundle scents.

* Discounts have already been provided on these products so codes will not work for these Bundle Deals.

**Beard Balms are not included in our bundles at this time due to Beard Butters being much more popular at this current time.  If you would like a beard balm, please add one to your shopping cart and use code FEROCIOUS to save 15% on your balm purchase.

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