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Save 20% NOW with Code 'HOLIDAYCHEER' on Oils, Balms & Butters or choose Free Shipping over $50 with Code 'FREESHIPPING'.
Join the Ferocious BOGO Club for BOGO EVERYDAY!
Save 20% NOW with Code 'HOLIDAYCHEER' on Oils, Balms & Butters or choose Free Shipping over $50 with Code 'FREESHIPPING'.
Join the Ferocious BOGO Club for BOGO EVERYDAY!

Happy Holidays from Ferocious Beard Company!


Scent took me back to my childhood

I have used several different beard products over the years. Ferocious is in my top 2 of all the products I have used . The barbershop scent is one of the best scents I have ever used. It reminded me of trips to the "old-school" barbershops I went to as a little boy and the barbershop I go to now. I can't wait to try more scents from Ferocious Beard company.

Baxton McIntyre

Spectacular selection of scents.

If you are looking for a scent that doesn’t make you smell like a lumber jack, or maybe you do..guess what, you are in the right place! My wife asks me what is my favorite one? I can honestly say I don’t have just one.. I have a few favorites from FB. Great product, keeps the beard in check and not to oily. If you are here for the first time give this oil a try. You won’t regret it!

Michael Johnson

It's Orange!

Orange Vanilla Pop is a fitting name for it, as the Orange scent pops! It's exactly what I was looking for in this scent. Currently, my scent choices lean toward the fruity and away from cologne type scents. I just use oil in my beard during the day and it's kind of nice to have a scent I recognize and that triggers good thoughts. Too many scents mixed together seem to get lost in the crowd for me. That also leaves me some leeway if I occasionally want to also put on a little solid cologne that works with what I'm wearing. Again, I don't like heavy "perfume/cologne" type scents and keeping it simple makes it less likely that I'm walking around smelling like a chemistry experiment gone wrong. Orange Cream Pop is a great smelling Orange scent that I like & recognize. The wife really likes it too and keeping her happy means keeping the big beard so it's a win win!

Michael Pope


My gray beard LOVES the carrier oils!! SCENT PROFIE IS SMOKE*CLOVE*LEATHER*EMPERS* Holy mackerel, where there's smoke, there's FIRE and FETISH lives up to it's name. After 10 or 12 hours simply apply a little water to the beard & the scent reignites!! This reminds me of camping in the Michigan woods & cooking out on an open fire with my cousins when we were teenagers.. I really enjoyed the smell of campfire in the clothes on the ride home. I have to order this butter!!

Russ Young


Savage is one of those scents that will make you feel confident and make your girl pull you in close. The cherry tobacco and leather blend perfectly. This scent last and last in my beard. I will always keep this on hand from now on . Just get it you won't regret it .My wife I repeat LOVE'S this scent.

Ryan Maitland