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Beard Wash Formula



Product Information

Our Ferocious Beard Wash Formula is a simple natural liquid castile based soap product enhanced specifically by Ferocious Beard Company to clean and moisturize your beard hair. We add Apricot Oil to replenish your beard's natural oils lost during the cleaning process. In fact, our product is so good, you can safely use it every day to wash your beard!

Check out this video review of how our Beard Wash Formula Works in action! Skip to 1:26 to go right to the beard wash formula review)

Normal shampoo can be very harsh on a beard, and it tends to strip away natural oils from your beard, and dry out the skin under your beard.  Our Ferocious Beard Wash Formula provides beneficial moisturizers to your beard and skin below your beard and a gentle cleansing action with lots of suds that quickly rinse away.  You'll be getting a hefty 4 oz bottle, and a little bit goes a long LONG way!

ALL NATURAL NOTE: Ferocious Beard Wash should be used within a reasonable amount of time after you receive it. We recommend you use it completely within 3 months. Ferocious Beard Wash is an all natural product made up of fresh Liquid Castile Soap and Apricot Oil. Remember, the soap's job is to clean oils no matter where they are. Inside the bottle, the Castile Soap will seek out the Apricot Oil and attempt to neutralize the oil by hardening it. You can delay this from happening by shaking it every time prior to using it and using it within a timely manner.

Instructions: 1. Shake bottle. 2. Place small amount into wet beard hair and lather. 3. Rinse.  4. Done.

Guaranteed Natural Product

Our Ferocious Beard Shower Formula consists of liquid castile soap (Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Organic Palm Kernel Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Citric Acid, Tocopherol), Apricot Oil (moisturizes hair), Natural Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil

Customer Reviews

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Beard Wash Formula

Love it

Great wash! Works very well


This is by far the best beard wash I’ve ever used

I really appreciate that comment Joshua, as I know you've used quite a few products!! Thanks for choosing Ferocious!

Beard Wash Formula

Enrique, thanks for purchasing and reviewing our Beard Wash Formula! I appreciate the time you took to review the product!
Best ive tried

Now I've used a lot of beard washes and nearly gave up , but this is the dogs danglies, just a small amount gave a really good lather and the scent stays for a good amount of time .... another great product from this brand. And fantastic customer service

Thank you so much Tim for your review of our Ferocious Beard Wash! I am so glad you a.) didn't give up! and b.) tried our product! We've got a bunch of new scents too for our Beard Wash too to keep it interesting!
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2oz jar of Awesomeness!!

You can always be assured when you receive a bearded package from Nate, that is it better than Christmas!! And even comes with a pepper mint to boot.

My one stop shop for all my bearded and balm needs. Great quality and even greater people mixing it up,

Keep the press Nate!!

Great tool !

Perfect size and real handy - well made


Razzled is really good!
The smell is amazing...would definitely buy it again!!!

Great products

Love the great products fast shipping and great customer service. if don't got any of these products you are missing out be sure to give um a try.

Great Shirt!

If you want to represent Ferocious with pride, this shirt is awesome. Standard fit, also a great conversation starter.