Our Stance on Racial Equality

As much as we experience justice and general fairness in OUR day to day lives, we are not naïve to the fact that for African-American families, the experiences they have in the same country we live in are not equal to ours.  This is wrong, pure and simple.  African-Americans, nor any race different than whites, should NOT judged differently than whites.  How many more black people need to be viewed as suspicious simply for doing the same things that white people do every day?  Driving a car? Walking through a neighborhood?  Jogging?  Applying for a job?  Simply Existing?  All of these are normal behaviors that should not be looked at as suspicious on their own by anybody.

The beauty of America's ideals is that we are all equal and made up of a melting pot of many cultures.  This is the ideal that caused me to serve our country with pride.  The ideals of this country are what make America great!  However, we must not only be ideal in theory, but we must ACT together to continue to strive to live up to those ideals as Americans to ensure that we continue moving toward making our nation a more perfect union.

I would like to make clear our stance simply.  Ferocious Beard Company believes in equality for every race, religion and creed.  Period.  We do not discriminate, nor will we tolerate discrimination in any form.  Further, we will not do business with any company that we determine does not share this basic human value.