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Welcome! Save 10% TODAY with Code 'SAVE10' or Free Shipping over $35 with Code 'FREESHIPPING'!

Ferocious Grand Slam - Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

Original price $80.00
Current price $49.99

Ferocious Beard Oils are made fresh daily and we guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!  If you are interested in buying several scents of Ferocious Beard Oil, you can't go wrong with the Ferocious Grand Slam - Buy 3 Oils Get 1 Free!  For just $49.99 you'll get 4 Ferocious Beard Oils!  A $79.96 Value.  Save $19.99 (Not eligible for additional discount).

  • Barbershop - Classic Barbershop Scent
  • Cigar Lounge (HG - Havana Getaway Blend) - Cuban Tobacco, Rich Sandalwood and Smooth Bourbon
  • Dragon Blood - Orange, Grape, Clove, Rose, Woody Patchouli 
  • Fetish - TX Cedarwood, Cedar Leather, Clove, Fireplace Embers
  • Lone Wolf - A Spicy Barbershop Aftershave Scent (Coming Soon!)
  • Naked - Unscented
  • Orange Cream Pop - Orange Citrus Fruit & Vanilla
  • Savage - Cherry Tobacco & Cedar Leather
  • Sublime - Lime Verbena

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Awwwesome scents.

Every scent was awesome especially the blackberry tobacco. Its sooo good. The only one Im not sure about is dragon blood but thats just me. I just put the blackberry tobacco in and I love how its pure blackberry at first and as it warms up in beard the tobacco comes out like a smokey cologne. Very addicting smell. Texas peach is on point. Orange cream pop is one of the scents Ive been looking for for a while. Savage smells really really good for a date night.

Thanks so much Adam for your purchase of so many of my scents! I really appreciate the review too! That Blackberry Tobacco is really one of my favorite scents, as is Savage! You've got enough Beard Oil to last for quite some time! Thanks again!! -Nate

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