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Welcome to Ferocious Beard Company | Est. 2017 | Veteran Owned & Operated in Fort Worth TX
Welcome to Ferocious Beard Company
Est. 2017 | Veteran Operated in Fort Worth TX

Smokin Reels - Collaboration Corner

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Original price $21.99
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Collaboration Scent: Smokin' Reels by Russ Young

Scent Profile: South Seas, Bamboo, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Caribbean Escape & Fireplace Embers.

In bottle the scent of Fireplace Embers is most noticeable, with a warm, rich but mellow smell that is very pleasant.  I call it a "full spectrum scent" with low, mid and top notes.  Once out of bottle, such a fresh scent awaits you.  You'll get a tropical sensation due to the South Seas and bamboo, the fireplace embers takes a back seat as a supporting role which provide the warm part of the scent.  It is not smoky at all, but really a knockout scent that I believe you'll be pleased with!,  I rated this an A on 8/5/2022.

Product: Beard Oil
Scent: Smokin' Reels

Customer Reviews

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Rick Harris

SMOKIN' REELS, the collaboration corner scent from Russ Young is an interesting profile that is not easy for me to explain. In bottle I get the eucalyptus and lemongrass, be it somewhat subdued ( a good thing I believe ). Also, what must be the bamboo. In beard it seems more blended and harder to differentiate the respective scents, which makes for an overall really fine choice for wearing anywhere and anytime.

Thanks Rick for your review of Smokin' Reels! that Bamboo is so nice as a blender!