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*Free US Shipping over $50 US / $100 Worldwide Ferocious Loves Ya!

Create your OWN Beard Oil


This awesome area is where you get to create your own personal blend of oils (*and balms) virtually.  We'll build it to your specs, send it right out, and soon enough you'll have it on your beard!

*UPDATE! Based on user-feedback, we've also brought custom balms back! Now you can buy a custom oil and choose to order a matching custom balm too!  (Order up to three matching combos on this page!) has all the ingredients you need to create your own perfect personal blend, and we've got faith in your judgement.  Although it's not exactly rocket science, it may require some thoughtful reflection to build a custom scent worthy enough for your beard. 

Here are some ideas:

 1. Smooth Jazz
Black Pepper, Vanilla, Tobacco & Rum Fragrance
2. Beach Bum
Caribbean Escape Fragrance
3. Sins of My Father
Cuban Tobacco Fragrance, Sandalwood Bourbon Fragrance
4. Caffeine Addict
Coffee, Vanilla, Peppermint
5. Fruity Loops
Rasberry Porter Fragrance, Orange, Lime #1, Lemon


Because this is your own creation, please be aware that all sales are final on custom beard oil.

First, a quick primer. Beard oils are primarily made up of carrier oils.  The job of carrier oils is to provide primary benefit for your beard and skin under the beard, as well as "carry" the essential oils (the scented ones) and fragrances. Carrier oils don't typically have much of a scent to them, but because essential oils can be very strong, the carrier oils dilute the scent of the essential oils to a level that allows for you to use them without being overpowering.  A few drops of essential oils or fragrances can go a long way!

When it comes to essential oils or fragrances, we recommend starting off with one to three scents if you're just getting started in the world of blending.

CARRIER OILS:  We use and recommend the following carrier oils.  Our products contain a blend of the following four carrier oils:

  • Grapeseed Oil, rich in beta-carotene, Vitamin D, C and E. This oil contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants which help to prevent acne outbreaks, balance skin and restore collagen at the cellular level.

  • Apricot Oil, containing Vitamin A & E.  This oil is useful for oily complexions, helps rehydrate dry skin, and soothes rough damaged skin as well as relieves skin itch and irritation.

  • Sweet Almond Oil, which softens and dislodges dirt in skin pores and hair follicles to prevent acne and blackheads.

  • Jojoba Oil, which mimics the natural oils found in your own skin and helps moisturize the skin under your beard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

There’s an amazing sense of satisfaction in knowing that you’ve been able to successfully blend your own beard oil formula and Ferocious Beard gives you just the opportunity to do that. My 2nd successful combo now thanks to Nate. As always, the quality of the product and its packaging is top notch. Arrived safely to me in Dubai, all the way from Texas

Feroz, you've outdone yourself with your most recent creation! Thank you so much for your order AND your review! I really appreciate you!
Turned out great!

Very happy with my custom. Nate is very helpful and it's a pleasure doing business with him! Will definitely be getting another in the future! Thanks again Nate!

We love to make Custom Beard Oils Jeremy and yours was a blast to make! We can't wait to see what else you come up with for scent profiles!
Create your own scent.

I created a scent loaded with citrus scents and ferocious came through. I LOVE it!! They also honor a veteran discount which is awesome. Keep up the great work!!


The quality of the oil is superb and it smells fantastic! Really wish you could make a balm version as well if possible. That would be great :)


I love this unique service provided by FEROCIOUS. My order was created to my specs and shipped fast! Nate is great to work with when creating your own oil. I'm very glad to see that he has decided to continue offering this service as it was temporarily unavailable. I myself was disappointed to see it unavailable. I plan to use this service again in the future. Thanks again Nate for the awesome job on my order... I love it!

Thanks Glen for your order, and thanks so much for taking the time to place a review here! I'm very happy to hear you love your Create Your Own custom scent. Although I did temporarily stop it, it's something that definitely makes us stand out and we do it right with all our choices for our customers so we're going to continue doing this!
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Here's What Our Customers Say...

297 reviews
2oz jar of Awesomeness!!

You can always be assured when you receive a bearded package from Nate, that is it better than Christmas!! And even comes with a pepper mint to boot.

My one stop shop for all my bearded and balm needs. Great quality and even greater people mixing it up,

Keep the press Nate!!

Great tool !

Perfect size and real handy - well made


Razzled is really good!
The smell is amazing...would definitely buy it again!!!

Great products

Love the great products fast shipping and great customer service. if don't got any of these products you are missing out be sure to give um a try.

Great Shirt!

If you want to represent Ferocious with pride, this shirt is awesome. Standard fit, also a great conversation starter.