How To Care For Your Beard

Gentlemen frequently ask me if they should use beard oil or beard balm for their beard. The answer depends!  When you're first starting out with a beard, my opinion is that it makes sense to use a beard OIL initially.  Nothing too heavy, as the beard hair is short and your goal at this point is to make sure that the skin under your beard is receiving the proper amount of moisturizer and nutrients to promote a healthy beard growth.  I would recommend, generally, using beard oil for the first 2-3 months of beard growth.  I recommend applying beard oil twice a day, the first time after washing and drying your face (like, after a shower).  Put 5-7 drops of beard oil in your hand, rub your hands together, then apply the beard oil from bottom to top into your beard, rubbing it in all the way to the skin under your beard.  Then, run a Boar Bristle Beard Brush through your beard from top to bottom for approximately 1 minute to smooth out your beard, distribute the oils, and to ensure that your beard has a healthy sheen.  It should NOT be greasy.  If it is, you should consider using a few less drops of oil.  If you are allergic to certain scented beard oils, you should consider using an oil that doesn't contain a scent, like our Plain and Simple Unscented Beard Oil.

Once your beard is established, you have more choices.  Now you might consider using a balm or whipped beard cream.  A balm is heavier than beard oil, and has the ability to create HOLD, which oils just simply are not designed to do.  Once you're ready for hold, take your beard balm, scoop out a small amount (like maybe the size of your thumb nail), and rub it between your fingers until it is soft.  Apply the same way you had applied the oil, from bottom to top.  Make sure that it is distributed throughout your beard and to your skin under your beard.  Again, use that brush to distribute it thoroughly.  The brush will also allow for you to tame any wild hairs that might be flaring out.

As you design your own look, you might decide to create a particular style.  Maybe you want to brush it OUT for that frazzled look.  Maybe you'll want to keep it tight.  Maybe you want to keep growing it out.  It's totally up to you brother.  There's NO right way to keep a beard.  It's what makes us men all unique. 

Now, keep in mind that there is an unwritten rule that says that the longest beard has the right of way.  I can't disagree with that.

Be Ferocious!


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