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Save 30% Today with Code MENTALHEALTH.

2022 - Collaboration Corner

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Product: Beard Oil
Scent: 2022

Collaboration Scent: 2022 by Nicholas Z 

Scent Profile: Leather, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Pine Needle & Black Pepper.

Available in Oil, Balm & Butter

Initial Impression:   In bottle, this smells like a woodsy-scent with the smell of Patchouli, PIne Needle and a little hint of Leather are what come out.  Once you put into your beard, the scent opens up and the Leather and Orange come out with the Patchouli and Pine Needle, and the Black Pepper presents itself as a base note.  I rated this a B on 10/19/2021.

UPDATE!  I changed my mind!  I've been using this scent for a few weeks now and have changed my rating to an A on 11/25/2021.  See the updated review on YouTube here!