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Welcome to Ferocious Beard Company | Est. 2017 | Veteran Owned & Operated in Fort Worth TX
Welcome to Ferocious Beard Company
Est. 2017 | Veteran Operated in Fort Worth TX

Russ Young Collection

2/24/2024 - I'm saddened to have learned that Russ Young @snook_seeker68 , a Ferocious Fan since as far back as I can remember, and somebody I chatted with regularly throughout the years about beard products, has passed away. I do not have further details, but wanted to express my condolences. Russ was as honest as they come, and sincerely one of the nicest men I knew online. You will be sorely missed Russ. 🙏😢 -Nate/Ferocious Beard Company

These are the two Collaboration Corner Scents submitted by Russ Young which I made.  Get a FREE Russ Young Dream Bomb Oil or Smokin' Reels Oil with any purchase of $39+ with Code RUSSYOUNG so you can experience the scents he created with me here at Ferocious Beard Company.

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