Be Ferocious! Live life to the fullest!

Welcome to my company, Ferocious Beard Company.  I'm Nate Powell.  It's rather late into the evening as I'm writing this, but I wanted to take a minute to tell you about what the heck we're all about and what we do that makes us different.  My wife Barb and I make and sell all natural beard oil and beard balm.  We use only the best ingredients and build things in small batches.  We don't cut corners, and we definitely don't use anything in our products that is harmful to your skin or beard.  We love this stuff!

We're up front and transparent with our customers and visitors.  We're genuinely nice and friendly.  We would rather talk to you about what you're looking for in a product and lose a sale if we don't make it (yet) than sell you something you don't want.  And if you're not satisfied, we don't want you to feel like you got ripped off, because we'll cheerfully refund your money if you're not happy with our products.  We stand by what we make and sell because we made it, we use it, and we know how good it is.

We also know that there are hundreds of other companies out there making quality products, and we support local business, even our competitors.  Your buying products from Ferocious Beard Company or any of our small business competitors makes us happy because this is where the new "Main Street" is...on the internet.

Do right unto others. Help each other.  Listen.  That's what I'm all about, and it's what I strive to do with Ferocious Beard Company.  We genuinely listen to our customers and visitors, and it's how we get our best ideas going and turned into products that YOU love to order!

We opened our virtual doors in October of 2017, and it's been a great three months so far.  We're getting the word out about Ferocious Beard Company (and by that, I'm talking about us AND ESPECIALLY YOU ALL getting the word out!  Thank you for your positive feedback on our's been a real driver for me!).  We're running contests on our Facebook site and networking with positive people in beard communities on Facebook.  We've got a great Ambassador James T Meyer who would absolutely love if you used his code to make a purchase and save 15%.  It's FEROCIOUSJM15.

Thanks for reading this first blog post, and thanks for your interest!  This site is the beginning of a journey that I've wanted to take for a long time now.  I hope your 2018 is awesome and I look forward to growing with you!




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