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Save 30% Today with Code MENTALHEALTH.

Sweet Dreams - Collaboration Corner

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Product: Beard Oil
Scent: Sweet Dreams

Collaboration Scent: Sweet Dreams by Lenny's Stuff 

Scent Profile: Blackberry, Vanilla Bean, Lavender

Available in Oil, Balm & Butter

Initial Impression:  In bottle, the Vanilla Bean is the first scent you detect, providing you with a hint of the warm, relaxing, but still very masculine blend contained within.  Once out of the bottle and warmed up in hand, the full scope of the Blackberry and Lavender blend perfectly with the vanilla bean into an absolutely magnificent gentle and relaxing scent. This scent is NOT heavy on Lavender, but rather, the Blackberry is boosted enough to blend so well with the Lavender to almost create a completely original scent.  Perfect for quiet times or even overnight for a relaxing sleeping experience. Rated A by Nate on 5/18/2021.