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Aces & Eights - A 'Special Edition' Release

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Product: Beard Oil
Scent: Aces & Eights

Scent Name: Aces & Eights

Scent Profile: Leather, Oud Wood, Vanilla Bean, Fireplace Embers, Texas Cedarwood.

**NOTE: This Scent Releases at 7:30pm CT Friday Night 7/8/2022. Until that time, it will display as Sold Out. Ferocious will release 30 Oils and 12 Butters.

Available in Oil & Butter

You're clear for takeoff, your tank is full, and you're ready for action. The air gets cool as you punch it to the max and off you go for adventure.  Aces & Eights is a kick ass scent that pulls you into the middle of the action.

The cool leather, smoky cedarwood, warm fireplace embers, aromatic oud and warm vanilla bean come alive in your beard and transports you to wherever you want.

Big shoutout to Mike Watson for your idea, and I'm so glad to be able to make this available as a limited scent for those that want to try it.  I think you're gonna love it!


Customer Reviews

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Rick Harris
Aces and Eights - Strong scents unite!

Got this a couple days ago and have been periodically checking it out. Nate did a great job with Mike's custom, blending stronger scents that all want to be the ACE of the profile. I do get some smokey, some woodsy and a little vanilla with oud bringing it together. Lastly leather, yes leather! In my opinion the most dominant scent in this profile and always seems to want to be the Alpha scent. I know in my customs when I include leather, I sometimes tell Nate, just a hint! Overall this is a great scent and I'm glad I purchased it.

Thanks Rick for reviewing Aces & Eights! This scent comes in strong and fast, and lasts all day. I appreciate your review and purchase!