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Orange Cream Pop Beard Oil (1 or 2 oz)


Our Orange Cream Pop Beard Oil with fresh notes of Orange citrus fruit and Vanilla smells amazing while providing a smooth beard! Your beard will be soft and moisturized and the scent will remind you about how great it is to have a beard!

FORMULA CHANGE ALERT JUNE 24, 2019: We are moving from essential oils in this scent to a fragrance oil which will bring out the creamy scent of the Orange Cream Pop much more than the original vanilla we used. This also means the scent will last much longer as citrus essential oils do not typically last as long as fragrance oils. We'll be updating the graphic soon. Thanks...Nate

Here's What Our Customers Say About This Product

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fantastic Product

Got my order from @ferociousbeardcrew yesterday. I ordered a Oil and Balm Combo of Orange Cream Sickle. That is Exactly what it smells like. It feels Great in Beard and makes my Hair Really Soft.He threw in a free sample of another Oil to try too. A really nice note as well. I have to say after watching Nate's Videos and now finally having some of his products I really like this guy. He even made me a Vanilla Beard wash too after I asked him about it and couldn't find one from anywhere else. Very Very cool!
Check him out, He really knows what he's doing and he has some great stuff and good deals and I feel is just a Really Good Guy doing the best he can possibly do 😁👍
Thanks Nate, I'll be back 😀

Mark, thank you so much for taking the time to review not only the Orange Cream Pop Beard Oil, but mentioning that we make custom orders too if we can swing it! All one needs to do is reach out to us and we'll do everything we can to make sure we can get you what you're looking for. I really appreciate the kind words sir. We do our best to go above and beyond customer expectations every day because we know how important your beard is to YOU, and we want you to know it's just as important to US too.
Great scent for upcoming winter :)

Ferocious Orange Pop beard oil (orange + vanilla) has a lot of orange and a little bit of vanilla. It is fresh and long-lasting. And does everything good beard oil should - keeps your bush and skin in good condition. If you want less citrus and more "orange-vanilla cake" scent you should definitely go for the Orange Pop butter.

Hi Przemek, thank you so much for your review of our Orange Cream Pop Beard Oil! It's a 100% all natural bottle of orange citrus goodness combined with our own vanilla essential oil made here at! We're glad you're enjoying it!
Wonderful Scent

The wife loves the scent. Great for those days you’re looking for something different.

HI Virgil, thanks for the comment! If the wife loves it, that's a winner!
Mmmm...Orange Cream Pop

Very nice and pleasant scent that smells just like the ‘ol Orange Cream popsicles. Not overly sweet, just right. Nice work Ferocious. Highly recommend.

Mike, thanks for posting your review on our Ferocious Orange Cream Pop Beard Oil! This blend really is a favorite of mine!
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281 reviews
A favorite!

Quickly became one of my absolute favorite scents! Love this stuff.

Love it

Great wash! Works very well

Got Beard

If you've got a beard you need this product. Amazing and smells good too.

Savage Scent is a must!

Bought Savage scented oil and balm for my husband as he was running low. He absolutely loves this scent. It's a manly scent of cherry and tobacco that's just the right amount of lasting scent. I have even applied to my locks because it smells wonderful and treats all types of hair with nourishment. I know why this is Nate's best seller and we will continue to purchase not only for the amazing scent, but because it is a terrific product that helps tame flyaways and nourishes the skin beneath!

Love it

Smells amazing it's not all greasy like most beard oils I've come across and makes my beard look and feel like a million bucks

Thank you so much for your review on our Fruity Loopz Beard Oil! We take great care to make sure that our products work well in your beard, and really appreciate seeing that our dedication to this concept is recognized by our customers. We appreciate your business!