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Spearmint Project - A 'Special Edition' Release

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Product: Beard Oil
Scent: Spearmint Project

Scent Name: Spearmint Project

Scent Profile: Spearmint, Fireplace Embers, Strawberry.

Available in Oil & Butter

This scent was built in fun for a friendly discussion about scent development between Nate Powell - owner of Ferocious Beard Company, and Nick Gallimore, owner of Mudcat Whiskers.  The initial thought was to both start with a single essential or fragrance oil, Spearmint, and to build out a complex scent from there.  Once built, we sent a copy of our scents to each other and met on Nick's Instagram Channel to discuss our processes and talk about each other's scents.

Spearmint Project started with Spearmint, and I wanted to give it some complexity.  So I added Fireplace Embers, which is a warm deep fragrance oil.  To finish, I added several drops of Strawberry fragrance oil to give it a fruity top note.

I'm very proud of this scent, and I wanted to make it available for you to purchase if you enjoy scents like this.

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Customer Reviews

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Russ Young
Spearmint Project

Having such great experiences with Nate 8n the past, I was excited when I placed this order. The spearmint isn't overwhelming whatsoever. The spearmint, fireplace embers & strawberry mix together so well I am IMPRESSED & SATISFIED with how this project turned out famously. A must try..

Russ, I'm so glad you're enjoying the Spearmint Project! I have also started using this almost exclusively for the summer and love the spearmint, strawberry and fireplace embers! Enjoy!