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POMMES D'AMBRE - Collaboration Corner

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Product: Beard Oil

Collaboration Scent: POMMES D'AMBRE by Melissa Gifford 

Scent Profile: Clove & Orange

Available in Oil, Balm & Butter

Pommes D'Ambre is a spiced citrus scent comprised of Clove Bud & Orange fragrance oil with an emphasis on the clove and a hint of citrus.  I thought it would be interesting to make the clove the dominant scent in this blend vs. the orange.

Initial Impression:  In bottle, the scent of clove bud with a medium hit of orange is what you smell and it's very well balanced.  Once out of bottle, the scent of clove bud is very strong initially blended with orange, but over a period of several hours, the clove reduces in strength intensity leading to a very well balanced scent for the remainder of the day.  The scent will likely last 5-8 hours.  The base note is clove while the orange provides a lower top note, but over the course of the day, the clove moves up to become a middle note.  As the orange is fragrance oil vs. essential oil, it will last longer than Orange essential oil.  I rated this scent a B on 2/1/2022.