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Save 30% Today with Code MENTALHEALTH.

MASSHOLE - Collaboration Corner

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Product: Beard Oil

Collaboration Scent: MASSHOLE by Kyle Pisz (IG @glorious_beard) 

Scent Profile: Apple, Champagne, Cuban Tobacco, Sea Salt, Lemon

Available in Oil, Balm & Butter

Kyle is from a hard working blue collar city in Massachusetts and is the quintessential Masshole! Full of Attitude, Honesty, Loyalty and definitely not afraid to speak his mind.

Initial Impression:  In bottle, the scent of Apple, Lemon and Cuban Tobacco shine through at a medium strength.  Once out of bottle, the Sea Salt and Champagne make their presence known while blending very well with the Apple, Lemon and Cuban Tobacco.  This is a pleasant, medium strength, undertoned scent with no heavy base notes (the Cuban Tobacco is the upper base note) but great middle and upper notes.  I rated this scent a A on 1/18/2022.