Friday Night - Peppermint, Tea tree, Orange & Cinnamon Beard Balm (All Natural) 2 oz Tin

by Ferocious Beard

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Product Information

Our original Friday Night Beard Beard Balm is truly the perfect scent for the start of the weekend, with notes of peppermint, tea tree, orange and cinnamon. Your beard will come to life with an explosion of scents blended perfectly together, and will be as soft as it's ever been.  This beard balm is rated as a medium hold balm.

We recommend this beard balm for established beards.

Guaranteed Natural Product

To apply, open the can and gently remove a small amount of product with your fingers.  Then, gently rub your hands together and, starting at the base of your beard and working upwards toward your face, gently rub the oil into your beard.  Use a comb or boars-hair brush to smooth out your beard.

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