Create your OWN Beard Balm

by Ferocious Beard


This awesome area is where you get to create your own personal beard balm using our blend of oils virtually.  We'll build it to your specs, send it directly to you, and soon enough you'll have it on your beard!

**IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTICE! We ship all CUSTOM beard balms weekly.  All orders placed by Friday at 3pm CT will be built and shipped out the following Tuesday.  (This means that if you order AFTER Friday at 3pm CT, your order will ship out 2 Tuesdays later.)**

**BONUS! GET MORE FOR YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! For a limited period of time, receive a complimentary 1 oz matching custom beard oil with your purchase of custom beard balm!  Courtesy of Ferocious Beard Company! No additional action on your part is required. We will automatically include a matching bottle of custom beard oil to match your custom beard balm.** has all the ingredients you need to create your own perfect personal beard balm blend, and we've got faith in your judgement.  Although it's not exactly rocket science, it may require some thoughtful reflection to build a custom scent worthy enough for your beard. 

Here are some ideas:

 1. Smooth Jazz
Black Pepper, Vanilla, Tobacco & Rum Fragrance
2. Beach Bum
Caribbean Escape Fragrance
3. Sins of My Father
Cuban Tobacco Fragrance, Sandalwood Bourbon Fragrance
4. Caffeine Addict
Coffee, Vanilla, Peppermint
5. Fruity Loops
Rasberry Porter Fragrance, Orange, Lime #1, Lemon


Because this is your own creation, please be aware that all sales are final on custom beard balm.

First, a quick primer. Our Beard Balms all start out with these base ingredients (what we call Carrier Oils): Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, and Lanolin.  Their job is to provide primary benefit for your beard and skin under the beard, as well as "carry" the essential oils (the scented ones) and fragrances. Carrier oils don't typically have much of a scent to them, but because essential oils can be very strong, the carrier oils dilute the scent of the essential oils to a level that allows for you to use them without being overpowering.  A few drops of essential oils or fragrances can go a long way!

When it comes to essential oils or fragrances, we recommend starting off with one to three scents if you're just getting started in the world of blending.

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