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Save 30% Today with Code MENTALHEALTH.

Crash Course - Collaboration Corner

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Original price $19.99
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Product: Beard Oil
Scent: Crash Course

Collaboration Scent: Crash Course by @Bearded_Hoosier. 

Scent Profile: Cherry Almond, Rose, Amber, Birchwood Oud, Vanilla Bean

Available in Oil, Balm & Butter

Crash Course is an amazing scent!  In bottle, you'll smell the cherry (you won't get the almond smell) and hint of Rose, Birchwood Oud and Vanilla Bean right away.  Once you get it out of bottle, you'll get a very rich scent from high note to low note of a remarkably blended scent of Cherry, Amber, Birchwood Oud, and Vanilla Bean.  The Rose is present and really carries well in this scent!  I rated this scent an A on 3/22/2022.