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Ocean Breeze Beard Oil (1 or 2 oz)


Life on the water is perfect with Ocean Breeze Beard Oil!  With the aroma of sea salt spray in the air, this light airy scent will protect your beard and make it oh-so-soft!  

 We use a customized blend of the following ingredients for our Underway blend:

  • Fragrance Oil: Sea Salt

  • Grapeseed Oil, rich in beta-carotene, Vitamin D, C and E. This oil contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants which help to prevent acne outbreaks, balance skin and restore collagen at the cellular level.

  • Apricot Oil, containing Vitamin A & E.  This oil is useful for oily complexions, helps rehydrate dry skin, and soothes rough damaged skin as well as relieves skin itch and irritation.

  • Sweet Almond Oil, which softens and dislodges dirt in skin pores and hair follicles to prevent acne and blackheads.

  • Jojoba Oil, which mimics the natural oils found in your own skin and helps moisturize the skin under your beard.

Here's What Our Customers Say About This Product

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Ocean Breeze!!

Hi there, I bought a 6 oil sampler pack from you all at the Keller Farmers Market on Saturday.
I absolutely love the Ocean Breeze Oil and so does my wife.
A great scent for when you are just relaxing around the house spending time with your better half.
I am also liking the beard wash and conditioner that i also bought.
Great products, I am a customer for life and look forward to trying out some of the other oils and balms.


Hi Joseph, thank you so much for taking the time to post a review here! I'm so happy you're enjoying Ocean Breeze Beard Oil! It's a new release and I really enjoy that scent too! So glad you're also enjoying our beard wash and conditioner!
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266 reviews
Sandalwood Amber Beard Oil


Thanks Charlie! I'm really happy to hear you're enjoying Sandalwood Amber Beard Oil! It's such a rich scent and I love it!

This is by far the best beard wash I’ve ever used

I really appreciate that comment Joshua, as I know you've used quite a few products!! Thanks for choosing Ferocious!
Some of the best around!

You can't go wrong with Ferocious! Excellent products!

Definitely buy


Works great!

Only a very light, natural, scent. Does not interfere with a scented oil though. Not that balmy smell either. Works wonderfully!

Thank you Jeremy for your review of our unscented (Naked Devil) balm! We try hard to make sure that the natural scent is extremely mild and does not interfere with any other scents you might want to use with it so it sounds like our mission was accomplished! Thanks again!