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Dr Cherry Bourbon Beard Oil (Special Order)


Dr Cherry Bourbon Beard Oil - This limited run beard oil is the perfect blend of Bourbon and Cherry Doctor Pepper fragrance.  This scent is definitely on point!


We use a customized blend of the following ingredients for our Dr Cherry Bourbon blend:

  • Fragrance Oil: Cherry Doctor Pepper, Bourbon

  • Grapeseed Oil, rich in beta-carotene, Vitamin D, C and E. This oil contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants which help to prevent acne outbreaks, balance skin and restore collagen at the cellular level.

  • Apricot Oil, containing Vitamin A & E.  This oil is useful for oily complexions, helps rehydrate dry skin, and soothes rough damaged skin as well as relieves skin itch and irritation.

  • Sweet Almond Oil, which softens and dislodges dirt in skin pores and hair follicles to prevent acne and blackheads.

  • Jojoba Oil, which mimics the natural oils found in your own skin and helps moisturize the skin under your beard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Smells like a freshly opened can of cherry dr. pepper.

I bought this oil about a month ago maybe more, I dont like writing reviews on beard products until they've made it into my daily routine for a few weeks straight so that I can really gauge how much I like the scent and how long it lasts, as well as how the oil does in my beard and on my skin. I'm halfway through the bottle and I love this scent! Smells just like it should and it lasts quite a few hours without being too subtle or too overpowering, the oil leaves my beard feeling soft and hydrated throughout the day, after applying it my hands and beard aren't super greasy and my beard doesnt "glisten" after applying, absorbs really well and does what it's supposed to. The presentation of the bottle at first had me wondering if this was just another cheap "knockoff" attempt at a beard oil but after using it for awhile it feels just as good as some $25 bottles I've tried. Quality ingredients, quality scent. Will definitely be ordering from this company again. For my first order I also received a free beard comb which was really nice as well. Thanks Ferocious!

Carter, we sure do appreciate the time you took to evaluate our products and then place a review on our site! I'll be the first to admit that our labeling is not particularly 'flashy' but we make our labels in-house to save money and pass the savings onto our customers in the form of lower prices and better discounts & giveaways as well as 25% discount for all US Veterans and US Active Duty Military. Thank you again for your review...we are beyond ecstatic!

This smells incredibly good! And the scent is powerful and long lasting without being cloying. I will definitely be purchasing more from this company!

Martin, thanks so much for your review of Dr Cherry Bourbon! This is a fun scent to make and I'm glad we've added it to our main lineup!
Awesome oil

Smells great and looks great..deff some good stuff :) :)

Thanks Brandon for your review! I'm glad you're enjoying it!
Love this stuff!

Great scent, and as always great quality product!

Thanks for taking the rime to leave a review Jeremy! I’m glad you are digging our DR Cherry Bourbon!
Excellent product

Nate you've got another hit on your hands, this is an excellent scent, not too sweet and the bourbon blends perfectly with the cherry dr pepper, I'm glad I was able to get in on this limited run before you were out of stock

Thanks Russ for buying this scent, and I appreciate your review! I'm glad you're enjoying it as much as we enjoy making it!
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Here's What Our Customers Say...

385 reviews
Great product!

Excellent product, and great customer service! Will be ordering again from this company.

Thank you so much for your review of our Beard & Mustache Wax! I really appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts!
Great stuff

Love the smell of Savage beard oil. Works great in my beard as well

Thank you Weston! We appreciate your review and so glad Savage is working for you!!
Fetish Oil and Balm!!! Great Scent!!!!!

I ordered the Fetish oil and balm and they are Amazing!!!!The scent is Great and last quite awhile.You can smell the smoke and leather and the clove gives it a spicy scent.The oil feels very good in beard.The balm is on the soft side which i like and gives a good hold.I highly recommend these products!!! Check Ferocious out you won't be disappointed!!!

Jeff, I'm so glad you're enjoying Fetish! It's one of my favorites!! I appreciate your feedback AND your photo!!
My husband loves this beard oil!

My husband can’t stop talking about how soft this beard oil made his beard! I think he’s mentioned something every day! I love how it smells, the scent profile is spot on, so it’s a nice product for both of us.

Mary, thank you SO much for your post! I'm so glad both YOU and HE are enjoying the product! We appreciate your business!
Great stuff

Works on the beard and smells great too.

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