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Satisfied Senior / SageBeard Scents

Satisfied Senior Scents may be purchased at which is a separate web site we opened due to the size of Rick's collection of scents.  All orders are made by Nate from Ferocious Beard Company.

Rick Harris (AKA Satisfied Senior) has ordered a lot of Create Your Own Scents.  I mean a WHOLE LOT!  Rick has agreed to make them available for you to purchase in Oil, Butter and Balm.  Now to be clear, Rick is a humble man (just like me!) and gets no kickbacks or anything really in return for having his scents listed here other than the satisfaction of knowing they are available for you to purchase.

I always enjoy making scents for Rick, because he's become very good at picking fragrances and essential oils that work very well with each other to make amazing scents. You can't go wrong with any of these scents!

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