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*Free US Shipping over $50 US / $100 Worldwide | Ferocious Loves Ya!
*Free US Shipping over $50 US / $100 Worldwide Ferocious Loves Ya!

Summer Collection

Summer's here and that means warm days and even hotter nights filled with fun and excitement. No matter what your plans, Ferocious has your beard covered with our Summer scent collection!
  • Lime Sublime Verbena Ferocious Beard Balm

    Lime Sublime Verbena Ferocious Beard Balm

    Ferocious Beard
    from $12.99

    Our Lime Submlime Verbena Beard Balm is going to make your beard sensationally soft and manageable. No more itchy beard, and the scent of lime ver...

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    from $12.99
  • Clean Citrus Beard Balm

    Clean Citrus Beard Balm

    Ferocious Beard
    from $12.99

    Clean Citrus Beard Balm - The perfect refreshing blend of scents to keep you feeling fresh, healthy and invigorated. This medium oil is the ultim...

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    from $12.99
  • Hot Damn Beard Balm

    Hot Damn Beard Balm

    Ferocious Beard
    from $12.99

    Hot Damn Beard Balm -  This scent will have everyone saying “hot damn what is that amazing smell?” Well, it’s a blend of cinnamon, orange and clo...

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    from $12.99
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Here's What Our Customers Say...

297 reviews
2oz jar of Awesomeness!!

You can always be assured when you receive a bearded package from Nate, that is it better than Christmas!! And even comes with a pepper mint to boot.

My one stop shop for all my bearded and balm needs. Great quality and even greater people mixing it up,

Keep the press Nate!!

Great tool !

Perfect size and real handy - well made


Razzled is really good!
The smell is amazing...would definitely buy it again!!!

Great products

Love the great products fast shipping and great customer service. if don't got any of these products you are missing out be sure to give um a try.

Great Shirt!

If you want to represent Ferocious with pride, this shirt is awesome. Standard fit, also a great conversation starter.