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Welcome! Save 25% TODAY with Code 'DAD' or Free Shipping over $25 with Code 'FREESHIPPING'!

Beard Butter 2 oz Jar

Original price $24.99
Current price $19.99

Our Beard Butter is designed to condition your beard without adding hold. Ideal for bed-time or when you want to deeply condition your beard.

1. Massage a thumbnail-sized amount of butter into your beard. Our scents will make your beard smell amazing!

Ingredients: Ferocious Beard Butter contains Shea Butter, Lanolin, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and essential oils and/or fragrance oils depending on the blend you choose.


Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews

Beard Butter 2 oz Jar

Love it!

Fantastic product and a fantastic company that provides great service.

Beard butter 2oz

My husband loves the beard butter! It smells great and both the scent and conditioning effect last all day. Great products and service!

Blackberry Tabacco

To this day, Ferocious is the only beard company i will use
From the excellent customer service to the wide variety of products
I went with a new scent this time but the beard butter leave my mane feeling soft and manageable
It's not to think and heavy, helping tame away those wild fly a ways
Thanks Nate appreciate all you do

Will be back for more!!

First and foremost, MY WIFE LOVES THE SCENT!! She cuddles in just a tiny bit closer when we are snuggled up by the fire on these cooler nights. That alone is enough reason for me to order more, but... It also helps to tame the unruly thicket that has taken over my face, and that is a plus for me. In the end, a bunch of tallies (and more being added constantly) in the "Best Beard Purchase Ever" column, and nothing in the "Could be Better" one. THANKS FEROCIOUS!!!!