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Fetish Ferocious Beard Balm

Fetish Ferocious Beard Balm

Ferocious Beard
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Fetish - Smoke & Leather Beard Balm - Unleash your inner beast with this scent. A strong combination of leather, smoke, clove and embers will leave you wanting to live out your deepest darkest desires. This scent is not for those with a weak heart.

Does it smell like cigarettes?  No. This does NOT smell like cigarette smoke but the imagery does it justice. Fetish - Smoke & Leather is a sensory work of art that you just need to try to understand what makes it so uniquely sexy.

I promise you Fetish - Smoke & Leather will smell amazing, and if you don't absolutely love it I will refund your money without hesitation.

Here's what other people are saying about Fetish - Smoke & Leather.

Phil P wrote "Ferocious Beard - Fetish hands down best" when asked for his favorite 5 scents by any company.

Brandy S wrote "That Fetish is sexy af"    

Michael W wrote "Got that Ferocious Fetish in the neck sweater again today. This is honestly one of the first companies scents that I've worn more than one day in a row."

Sarah H. wrote, "Fetish - Not all fetishes are scary and painful, especially in this case. Sexy AF, the merging scents of sultry smoke and lavish leather playfully arouse the senses while providing a silky sheen to your beard. Slather in on and go for it, just make sure you pick a "safe word" in case things get too rough." 

To which Brandy replied "Sarah is definitely on point with the Fetish! " 

I couldn't agree more.

Ingredient List

We use a customized blend of the following ingredients for our Fetish - Smoke & Leather blend:

  • Fragrance Oil: Cedar Leather, Fireplace Embers

  • Essential Oils: Clove, TX Cedarwod

This beard balm is rated as a medium hold. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Clean citrus and fetish Balm wow!!!

Honestly the right words fail to come to my mind when describing how amazingly awesome the fetish beard balm was the scent is perfectly manly and honestly for some reason I just find it to be a perfect winter scent! and as far as the clean citrus beard oil I have it's exactly that a very clean very citrusy smell that will leave you feeling I'm smelling very clean very fresh these two products are by far my absolute favorite I have ever received

Larry, thank you so much for your review of Fetish Balm and Clean Citrus Beard Oil! I really appreciate your taking the time to post your thoughts here!
Leather, leather and more leather!

If you love leather and cigar smoke, this beard balm is incredible. Perfect for a night out on the town or at the bar. It isn't too strong and it isn't too weak.

Albert, thank you for reviewing your purchase of Fetish - Smoke & Leather Beard Balm! I'm glad you're enjoying it as much as we enjoy making it!
YouTube Reviewer

Hello all, it’s your friendly YouTube reviewer, TheBeardDream! Personally, I love this balm. It is really deep conditioning and has lanolin in it. The smell is amazing and I think it’s in my top 3 favorite beard balms!! Check out my channel to see me review this along with a few beard oils from none other then Ferocious Beard Company!!

Thomas, I really appreciate your video review of Fetish - Smoke & Leather Balm as well as the beard oils! As I do with every video review, it's posted above on the Video Reviews tab above. Check it out! Thanks again, and the Oil version of Fetish - Smoke & Leather is just as great as the balm!
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Best of the Best

Nate is the man, the myth and the legend behind great beard products and customer care. Always goes the extra mile to take care of his bearded brothers!! The Woodsman oil and balm are a great addition to my daily routine. Time to get the butter and raise it up another notch.
Thanks again Nate!!!

Thanks a lot Jerry! Just goes to show you how each of us in this world has the power to effect change in our own little way. I really appreciate the kind words but the truth is my wife and I are just doing what we love doing...making great products for our customers.
5 star product!

Very happy with my choice of this 1 of a kind scent!

Great scent!

Thanks Jeremy for your 5 star review! I'm so glad you're enjoying Night Beast!
Beard wash + oil sample

Can’t rave enough about the beard wash!!! Damn that stuff is great!! The Fetish Smoke and Leather sample oil smells fantabulous!! Great products!!!

Thanks Jon for the comment on the Beard Wash! I'm glad you're enjoying it! Yes....Fetish is one of my favorite scents! I appreciate your taking the time to post a review!
Excellent product

Nate you've got another hit on your hands, this is an excellent scent, not too sweet and the bourbon blends perfectly with the cherry dr pepper, I'm glad I was able to get in on this limited run before you were out of stock

Thanks Russ for buying this scent, and I appreciate your review! I'm glad you're enjoying it as much as we enjoy making it!