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Welcome to Ferocious Beard Company | Est. 2017 | Veteran Owned & Operated in Fort Worth TX
Our Fall Scents Are In
Welcome to Ferocious Beard Company
Est. 2017 | Veteran Operated in Fort Worth TX
Our Fall Scents Are In

Ferocious Starter Pack

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Current price $59.99

Ferocious Beard's Starter Pack consists of:

  • 1 oz Beard Oil (for softness and conditioning) 
  • 2 oz Beard Balm (for hold & conditioning) or Butter (for deep conditioning) 
  • 4 oz Beard Wash (made for your BEARD, won't dry it out like shampoo)
  • Boar Bristle Brush or Peach Wood Comb: excellent for grooming your beard


  • Barbershop - Classic Barbershop Scent
  • Cigar Lounge (HG - Havana Getaway Blend) - Cuban Tobacco, Rich Sandalwood and Smooth Vanilla, Oak & Caramel
  • Dangerous Mango - Fresh Mango & Mild Vanilla
  • Dragon Blood - Orange, Grape, Clove, Rose, Woody Patchouli 
  • Fetish - TX Cedarwood, Cedar Leather, Clove, Fireplace Embers
  • Lone Wolf - Clean Barber-like Cologne with spices
  • Friday Night - Peppermint, CInnamon, Tea Tree & Orange (essential oils)
  • Naked - Unscented
  • Orange Cream Pop - Orange Citrus Fruit & Vanilla
  • Savage - Cherry Tobacco & Cedar Leather
  • Sublime - Lime Coconut Verbena
Ferocious Beard Company's beard oils are all hand-crafted and we use only the finest ingredients in them. Our carrier oils are Sunflower Oil, Apricot Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil and Jojoba Oil. For scent, we use 100% natural essential oils or we use exceptionally high quality fragrance oils. Your face and beard will feel amazingly soft and conditioned!

Ferocious Beard Company's unique Beard Balms, hand-crafted in small batches from only the finest ingredients available, will completely condition your facial skin and will provide the ultimate comfort, softness, hold and sheen to your beard.

This Ferocious Beard Package Contains: Starter Kit: 1 oz Beard Oil, 2 oz Balm or Butter, Beard Wash, & Boar Bristle Brush or Peachwood Comb

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
First purchase - much more than satisfied

This was my very first beard product purchase and now after about 2 months of using it, I can finally give my thoughts about it.

Short version:
I love it and I would recommend this to anyone. Just try to pay good attention to what smells you are choosing.
Long version:

My starter pack contained:
>Boar bristle brush
>Spearmint beard shampoo
>"Dragon Blood" beard oil
>"Dragon Blood" beard balm

1. Boar bristle brush.
The brush is sturdy and is doing a great job at taking care of my beard hair.
I must admit, though, that I was not sure what kind of hardness the bristles would be so I was surprised when it arrived. It is definitely not a brush that you want to brush your skin with. However, that is an intentional design choice and therefore there are no qualms.

Obviously, I cannot be objective about the rest of the products but I'll still give my thoughts and feelings.

2. Spearmint beard shampoo
I am not the greatest fan of smells but the spearmint is a very nice refreshing smell in the shower. It does not stay for very long so it is definitely not overpowering in any sense, which I love.
The main function of a shampoo is how well it washes the hair and I must admit that this shampoo is doing a great job. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you definitely do not want to skip applying beard oil and/or other products after using this. My beard after washing it with the shampoo gets pretty dry. I am not sure though if it is my body or why.
Another good thing about this shampoo is that it lathers very easily and so you don't need a lot of it and it will last you a long while.

3/4. "Dragon Blood" beard oil/balm
By now I have tried few other beard oils, also from Ferocious beard company. As an oil this beard oil functions just like all others. What I can comment on though, is that this is a strong smell. It is a fairly strong, primarily clove, fragrance. And because of the nature of this fragrance, "Dragon Blood" energizes the body a lot.
To me personally that is not preferable and I don't particularly want to be wearing this smell all the time. It is a nice option from time to time but this is precisely why I went and bought beard oils with some other softer smells.
I still use this smell from time to time.
The balm works as expected from a balm. It moisturizes my beard well and with the beeswax included in the balm, helps to slightly shape my beard.

I am more than satisfied with choosing to buy beard products on Ferocious Beard. Not only did they provide a simple pack in 1 purchase (which is surprisingly rare in almost all of the beard product company shops) but the quality that I've received far surpassed my expectations.
Even though, I personally did not like some products as much as possible, that is only because of my own personal taste and in no shape or form does it show the lack of care put into these products by Ferocious Beard.

Hey there L - thank you SO MUCH for your detailed review! I really appreciate the time you took to write it, and for your purchases! Let me know if I can be of any additional help or support!

David B.
So great I bought it twice!

If you're unsure about all the other products on offer on the site, this is the best way to go about trying them!! Last time I ordered the brush and butter (for applying before night to help soften my beard) and this time I'm ordering one with the comb and the balm so I can try those too. I had issues with my beard being too scratchy to want to grow it out but now I have a full, beautiful beard! It's all thanks to this stuff here man. Caring for your beard, with the right products, can really make the difference.

The butter softens the beard at night, and now that its long enough I look forward to styling it with the balm! I ended up running out of the beard shampoo pretty quick because my brother loved to use it too, so I'm excited for more. Plus, I look forward to applying all the fun oil/butter/balm scents I've ordered since! They feels great to apply, smells great, and make me fall in love with my own beard, accepting it the way it is. These products do wonders for my self esteem, and whenever I get asked why I smell so good, I always direct them to Ferocious Beard. It feels nice to support this small business so they can focus on it as their primary source of income too. I'll be a buyer for life for sure!

David, I'm so glad you took the time to write this review. I'm happy to hear that my products are helping you to grow your best beard, and that it's helping with your self-esteem! Thank you for your business!

Timothy Dixon
Very good.

Realy like the starter pack. Including the scent.

Lane Powell
Excellent product!

First time using beard product in a while as I was never satisfied before, but now I think I found my match.

From one Powell to another, I really appreciate your review Lane! Thank you for giving us a shot, and I can't wait to make more products for you! --Nate Powell

Alan Marshall
New User

This is the first time using any type of beard products, so far so good. Still getting use to the correct amounts.
I am going to buy some wax next, as I am growing out some handlebars.